iTunes Distribution by Walla.

Streamlined, Innovative, Efficient and Fair

iTunes Distribution with Efficiency and Accountability

Walla is a global aggregation and distribution service which leverages technology to solve common VOD pipeline issues to reduce costs. The Studio Services dashboard was designed to bring efficiency and accountability to filmmakers and studios.

   Know Your Costs Upfront
There are no revenue shares, no sales commissions, no hidden fees – Walla charges a small one-time fee for iTunes delivery and a monthly payment-processing fee so you always know the cost of your iTunes distribution.

   Get Paid On Time
With automated monthly funds transfers, filmmakers get paid quickly and regularly. Walla’s streamlined payment process is completely transparent. Funds are never held or paid in arrears.

Maintain Control with the Studio Services Dashboard

Straightforward Ingestion
Walla offers a painless, guided asset upload tool. With real-time feedback, our partners know what assets and metadata have been received, what is outstanding, and whether or not a title is prepared for iTunes delivery.

Work-once Approach
Walla saves the information for each title in a Walla cloud-based server. Transport your assets and metadata once and we handle the rest. Additional iTunes territory deliveries happen at the click of a button.

Transparent Reporting
Real-time sales reporting means trust and accountability. Our partners always know how their titles are performing across the iTunes ecosystem. This lets us to work together to adjust windows and pricing to maximize sales.

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NOTICE:Walla does not guarantee your title will be made available through any VOD platform without an evaluation of each title by Walla. Submission of an inquiry does not guarantee that submitted information will be reviewed or accepted by Walla.

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